3 Things I’ll Do Before Christmas

Every single year, I always attempt to change myself in more ways than one, especially when I know Christmas is about to come. Sadly, rarely do I succeed in realizing all my goals, despite my efforts in keeping them in mind all the time. But the one thing I never fail to accomplish is losing weight, and this year, I’d make sure I’ll not get stuck with getting rid of just a couple pounds.

To guarantee that I won’t fall short on this particular goal, there are 3 things I already have in mind. Because I easily get bored, I always make it a point that I do something different each year, and for this one, I’d be starting with water therapy. I recently read in a few social media sites that when consumed as soon as you wake up, water can make you feel clean inside and aid in weight loss.

saffron extract

The next thing I’d include in my list is getting one of those garcinia cambogia extract supplements. I’m not exactly a health buff, but my sister is, and given how insistent she was in the past month about making me take these pills to lose weight, I decided I’d give it a go. I’m a little put off by any kind of supplement, primarily because of my traumatic experiences with side effects taking such products, but since she did not have any, why should I be too hesitant?

Lastly, I’d move away from sweets, or at least most of them. I’m not exactly a person that’d fall under the category of a sweet tooth, but when I find a treat so enticing, it’s like I crave for it for days or even weeks just so I could fully satisfy myself. On second thought, I remember my sister telling me about saffron extract helping in decreasing sweet cravings, though I’ve yet to see this effect since I’ve yet to take the supplement.