Dog Food Is Not All The Same

My pup turned 1 year old yesterday…

I guess he’s not longer a puppy now!

But he’ll always be my best buddy…

It’s true what they say about dogs being best man’s friend!

They love their owners unconditionally… and don’t expect anything in return… well maybe a treat and some belly rub… and being able to be on the couch or sleeping on dad’s bed!

Lately my dog has had some food allergies and I found out that the cause maybe was related with the dog food brand that I bought… I tough dog food was all the same… but it isn’t!

I found out this great site with dog food ratings and that help me a lot choosing the best food for my pup. And it worked!

The site is:


Important facts about the Flex Belt

Having a perfect toned body is a common desire of many people. Most of the individuals think of having a good physique without going through the exhaustion while exercising. The Flex belt is a good option for them as it is very effective in toning your abs. It is a neoprene belt which sends electrical impulses in the abdominal muscles and helps them in contraction. The belt can be put around the waist for an interval of 30 minutes which makes the muscles firm and also strengthens the muscles.

Working process

The technology that is used in the Flex belt is Electronic Muscle Stimulation which can stimulate the motor nerves of the abdominal muscles. The belt is very useful in toning, strengthening and firming the muscles without doing sit-ups, push-ups or crunches. The gel pads of the belt are positioned on the obliques and on the abdomen. Several types of settings are available which includes gentle pushing to more deep contraction of the muscles as per your convenience. Using the belt for 30 minutes can really be very beneficial in toning the abdominal muscles.


The abdominal muscles are really very difficult to tone in a workout. This has been made easier with the use of Flex belt. The belt can be worn anywhere and you can even wear it under your clothes and carry on with your regular life. Also the level of exercise can be controlled with the help of the settings in the belt. You can start with a low intensity workout and gradually go for high intense one. You can buy the belt irrespective of your weight and it is designed for everyone to use. It is clinically approved and does not have any kind of side effects. The results are best seen when you use the belt for 2-3 months.

The Flex belt is worth the cost for its effectiveness in toning the abdominal muscles. It is really very good option for all those who have a busy schedule and do not have much time for a workout. The belt really works and user reviews and testimonials speak of its popularity among users.

Check out these healthy tips.

3 Things I’ll Do Before Christmas

Every single year, I always attempt to change myself in more ways than one, especially when I know Christmas is about to come. Sadly, rarely do I succeed in realizing all my goals, despite my efforts in keeping them in mind all the time. But the one thing I never fail to accomplish is losing weight, and this year, I’d make sure I’ll not get stuck with getting rid of just a couple pounds.

To guarantee that I won’t fall short on this particular goal, there are 3 things I already have in mind. Because I easily get bored, I always make it a point that I do something different each year, and for this one, I’d be starting with water therapy. I recently read in a few social media sites that when consumed as soon as you wake up, water can make you feel clean inside and aid in weight loss.

saffron extract

The next thing I’d include in my list is getting one of those garcinia cambogia extract supplements. I’m not exactly a health buff, but my sister is, and given how insistent she was in the past month about making me take these pills to lose weight, I decided I’d give it a go. I’m a little put off by any kind of supplement, primarily because of my traumatic experiences with side effects taking such products, but since she did not have any, why should I be too hesitant?

Lastly, I’d move away from sweets, or at least most of them. I’m not exactly a person that’d fall under the category of a sweet tooth, but when I find a treat so enticing, it’s like I crave for it for days or even weeks just so I could fully satisfy myself. On second thought, I remember my sister telling me about saffron extract helping in decreasing sweet cravings, though I’ve yet to see this effect since I’ve yet to take the supplement.